Geoengineering Exposed

(Infusion Soft | Dane Wigington) Geoengineering The Oceans. Though many have now at least heard of the ongoing atmospheric spraying known as solar radiation management (SRM) and stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG), most are still not familiar with another form of geoengineering, “ocean fertilization“. It’s easy enough for the average person to take note of the all too visible spraying of our skies, but how can we know what the climate engineers are doing to our oceans without our knowledge or consent?
Connecting the dots
Could the atmospheric spraying and ocean fertilization be directly connected? The answer is yes, a connection appears likely if all available data is examined. For those that are not familiar with ocean fertilization, the term refers to the intentional widespread distribution of bioavailable iron into our seas in order to create plankton blooms that then absorb and thus sequester CO2 from the atmosphere. Could the materials being sprayed into our skies and over the oceans be composed of elements that are compatible for ocean fertilization? Again, the answer is likely yes.

What are they spraying?
It has recently been suggested that coal ash is the primary material being used by the climate engineers. Though this theory may potentially be a part of the geoengineering equation, there are too many applications of climate engineering to conclude that a single source of material is being used.Aluminum is a known primary element showing up in many lab tests of precipitation around the globe, and is also named in numerous climate engineering patents. Immediately after two major global climate conferences in recent years, Cancun and Copenhagen, aluminum futures went up significantly. Did geoengineering get the go ahead for further ramp-ups of their programs at these conferences? Were deals made behind closed doors? It seemed someone was buying a great deal of aluminum just after these international climate conferences.

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On March 27th and 28th of 2015, a major global awareness event was held in Southern California called “Cal Jam”. This gathering brought together several thousand concerned citizens from all arenas of the global community. Many that attended were from the medical and chiropractic professions, Cal Jam is the fastest growing Chiropractic event on the planet. A number of speakers presented information on critical issues that we face, one of the primary subjects addressed was the issue of geoengineering. The 25 minute presentation below is an outline of the threat posed by global climate engineering. It is also an appeal for all of us to pull together in the critical effort to expose and halt the spraying of our skies with highly toxic aerosols which is contaminating every breath we take. My deepest and most sincere gratitude to event organizers, Dr. Billy DeMoss, D.C. and MaryJane Mirasol, for their tireless efforts toward the common good and for producing this video. I also wish to thank all the other speakers at the Cal Jam event as well as all those who attended. Cal Jam was truly a gathering of people who are committed to making the world a better place.
Dane Wigington


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