Herschrijven van onze geschiedenis!!!

ALL Credit to Lloyd Pye, A researcher of ancient Human History! First of all I am sorry for the 240p quality vid!! Its all I could find of this very important DOC! Im not sure when this was made, maybe in the 90’s?? But it is DEFINITELY worth your time! A REAL MUST WATCH!! Share re-upload, spread the word!

This type of information should be required and taught to everyone! This DOC will open doors and close todays text books used to teach kids, as most of it is useless garble, or just plain wrong and contrived info/lies.
Just when you thought you knew Ancient human history, Lloyd Pye shows us that we dont! The REAL history is being hid from use for various reasons, its up to us common people to figure it out and expose the info as its found! The elites of this world will not tell us and will do everything in there power to keep the real human history from us! Why would they want us to know, we all the same, we all equal, we are all capable of much more than what we come up with so far! And their so called divine right to ruling powers is BULLSHIT!

so sit back and think about what we arent being told, whats been lost, what can still be found and figured out! Where do we really come from and why are we here?

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